Devops is not enough!

DEVOPS Conference, Tuesday, February 20, 2018, 12:15

Why do you want to implement Devops methodologies and practices?

Is it because  you (or your company) is looking for new disruptive business models? Or is it because your current business model needs to be re invented? On top of innovative products and services?

 The world is changing rapidly and competition is stronger than ever and business models are expiring like yogurt in the fridge. Entrepreneurial  managers can no longer settle for product or even value innovation onl.

 They have a rare opportunity to impact the company strategy and business models.

This talk will demonstrate Agile Strategy approach and tools  to systematically design, innovate and validate the best business model options possible.

 Yes. You can benefit from the combined power of Devops and Business Model Innovation.

Eli Ringer

Eli Ringer

Business Architect


Eli has 20 years of experience in business management with startup and corporate companies in retail, information technologies, cleantech, amongst others. He created businesses from zero in new markets for existing companies to multi million dollar operations in Israel, Europe and the US. Served in various sales, business development and marketing positions, as a single contributor and as a manager to others. Last served as the GM of an energy efficiency technology company in California. In his free time, he practices music, acting and directing.
He has a BA in Economics and Business Management form the University of Haifa and speaks Hebrew, Arabic,English and French.

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