CD pipelines for non plumbers

DEVOPS Conference, Tuesday, February 20, 2018, 11:45

Some of the most important members of the DevOps journey are managers, product guys and others that have technical background but are not up to date with current DevOps technologies. During the journey, these member talk a lot about the CI and CD pipeline and use many technical terms like Jenkins, Build, Deploy, Docker, Pipeline and more, but most of them, don't really know these terms and technologies. During this session we will try to get you guys familiar with the tools and technologies. We will explore an actual CD pipeline and go through its code and principles. We believe that getting to know these tools an technologies better, is critical to create better communication and understanding between the different parties invoiced in the journey. Please note that if you are a tech guy who is using these technologies yourself to build pipelines, this session is not for you.

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